BubbleChart ignores Ticks option [closed]

BubbleChart does not display ticks to the Ticks option specs.

BubbleChart[RandomReal[1, {10, 3}],
Ticks -> {{#/10 // N, FromLetterNumber[#]} & /@ Range[10], Automatic}]

Is this a bug or have I spec’ed it incorrectly?

Version 10.2 on Win 8.1 Pro 64-bit



1 Answer


Ticks generally aren’t visible on graphics, when Frame->True is set.

Module[{ticks = {#/10., FromLetterNumber[#]} & /@ Range[10]},
GraphicsGrid[{{BubbleChart[RandomReal[1, {10, 3}],
Ticks -> {ticks, Automatic}, Axes -> True, Frame -> False],
BubbleChart[RandomReal[1, {10, 3}],
FrameTicks -> {ticks, Automatic}, Axes -> False, Frame -> True]}}]]

Note the section on options in the help docs for BubbleChart, particularly the subsection which states: “BubbleChart has the same options as Graphics with the following additions and changes”.



Yes, I read that section when figuring out the format for the ticks. It does not mention that Frame excludes Ticks. My thoughts were with ticks, so I jumped over to Graphics and looked it up there. In any case, I’ve learned something new for Frame and Axes.
– Edmund
Sep 11 ’15 at 13:54