Football Pick em Odds

I’m in a football and I wanted to know the number of possible outcomes and I’m not sure if i’m thinking about it correctly.

Every week there are 16 games. Each game has a loser or a winner.

So this one is easy and would be:

2^16 = Game outcome

The other aspect of the pool is that the player player can assign weightings of confidence for each game. For convenience we’ll say 16 being the most confident and 1 being the least confident. Players pick their games and assign weightings.

The second section by itself is also easy (i think) that it’s similar to how many ways can you line up 16 people. and I think that would be 16!.

I’m a little confused by combining these because would the final number of submissions be

(2^16) * 16! = 1.371196e+18

This number is gigantic and I wouldn’t expect it to be so large in a pick’em pool.

I feel like I am OVER counting somehow….

Could someone please help with How many possible submissions can there be?




Ah, I fear it really is that big. Assuming you are asking “how many ways can I order the 1616 games and choose winners for each”, that’s the answer.
– lulu
Oct 21 at 1:18



Just to say, 16!16!, the number of ways to order the games, is already greater than 2×10132\times 10^{13}.
– lulu
Oct 21 at 1:34



16! would definitively be in ordering the weightings, but for each weighting it’s either team A or Team B, so this would increase the number of possibilities…. but would it increase the number of possibilities by a factor of 2^16? and Oh yeah Your right it’s HUGE, I guess i didn’t expect it to be that large (very cool stuff) i just wanted to understand it
– The_BMan
Oct 21 at 1:49