Free online alternatives to the Khan Academy

What is considered the most efficient way to learn statistics online for free?

Usually The Khan Academy is considered but since they have got some serious complaints* I am looking for overlooked alternatives.


Khan Academy Statistics videos are not good




I did not read the first but the sound link is kind of rubbish, I think it say watch my videos not his. Though i seriously don’t like khan academy’s videos and, did not recommend anyone to watch. I think a well written book is the best way to learn. But you can try… ,may satisfy your needs.
– A—B
Oct 21 at 0:38



For probability background of statistics, consider Grinstead and Snell. Available in book form, but free PDF from Dartmouth available.
– BruceET
2 days ago


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Sorry to hear that you don’t like Khan Academy since I use it quite frequently to brush up on trivial operations in DE and Linear Algebra.

As for learning statistics, I think you should check out this on Quora:

Ironically, the link does contain suggestions to use Khan Academy to learn stats.