How do I animate a polar plot?

I have

r[θ_]:= Sin[θ/10]

ep[s_]:= PolarPlot[r[θ], {θ, 0, 2pi}, AxesLabel -> {“x”,”y”}]
Animate[ep[s], {s, 0, 2pi}, AnimationRunning -> False]

But all it outputs is the full graph of Sin[θ/10]. Nothing is animated even though it’s playing.

Replacing ep[s] with the full PolarPlot doesn’t and shouldn’t do anything.

Replacing ep[s] with Sin[θ/10] and range doesn’t do anything either.

It could be that I’m missing something really obvious- it’s like 2 AM right now.





There is no s in PolarPlot[r[θ], {θ, 0, 2pi}, AxesLabel -> {“x”,”y”}].
– Kuba
Sep 21 at 5:33



@Kuba is right, and in addition, you need to write ππ\pi as Pi (uppercase), when you don’t want to define it yourself.
Sep 21 at 5:35



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Sep 21 at 6:37


1 Answer


r[θ_] := Sin[θ/10]

ep should only plot to its argument rather than 2Pi Use a fixed PlotRange

ep[s_] :=
PolarPlot[r[θ], {θ, 0, s}, AxesLabel -> {“x”, “y”},
PlotRange -> {{-.35, .6}, {-.5, .2}}]

s must start at a non-zero value

Animate[ep[s], {s, .01, 2 Pi}, AnimationRunning -> False]