How do you express this in simplest terms? tanπ12+tan2π12+tan3π12+tan4π12+tan5π12\tan\frac{\pi }{12}+\tan\frac{2\pi}{12}+\tan\frac{3\pi }{12}+\tan\frac{4\pi}{12}+\tan\frac{5\pi}{12}

How do I express the following in the simplest terms?

tanπ12+tan2π12+tan3π12+tan4π12+tan5π12\tan\frac{\pi }{12}+\tan\frac{2\pi}{12}+\tan\frac{3\pi }{12}+\tan\frac{4\pi}{12}+\tan\frac{5\pi}{12}




What does it mean to solve this in the simplest terms?
– James Mitchell
Oct 21 at 3:29



@JamesMitchell I basically mean solve it.
– Pranav A.
Oct 21 at 3:31



There’s no equation to solve. I believe you the word you want is “express”.
– Blue
Oct 21 at 3:33



Yes, there’s a difference between words like “solve” “simplify” “evaluate”. Is it necessary to hit precalc students on the head when they use the wrong word though?
– ziggurism
Oct 21 at 3:39



Using tanθ2+tanπ−θ2=2sinθ\tan\frac{\theta}{2} + \tan\frac{\pi-\theta}{2} = \frac{2}{\sin\theta}, you can show the sum is 5+4√35 + \frac{4}{\sqrt{3}},
– achille hui
2 days ago