How to take input from user?

Since I’m new to Mathematica I want to have a Notebook which takes inputs from user and returns average of the inputs entered and plots it on x-y coordinate. How can I do this?




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– ssch
Nov 13 ’12 at 16:50


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This might be an example:

x = Input[“Insert x coordinates (put them between {} brackets)”,{}];
y = Input[“Insert y coordinates (put them between {} brackets)”,{}];
ListPlot[Transpose[{x, y}]]



Also check out tutorial/RequestingInput and tutorial/TextualInputAndOutputOverview in the Documentation Center (You can access it from the help menu, and I highly recommend the broadcasts on to get you comfortable with mathematica)
– ssch
Nov 13 ’12 at 16:41



Thanks. I will try it out. Actually i never mention my real problem but if any problem occur i will revert to Also can you tell me the best tutuorial for starter as i have to solve a simple problem(complex for starter) and submit before Thursday.
– Soum
Nov 13 ’12 at 17:30



@Soum You could start from here. The Documentation is also a good place to start, for instance, for plotting. And, this collection of resources is also useful.
Nov 13 ’12 at 17:46

The question says “take input from the user”, but this suggest a paradigm more suitable to another programming language. If what you reallyreally want is to give the user a way to enter the data and then obtain the required plot, it’s more straightforward to just define a function:

meanPlot[x_List, y_List] :=
Module[{xbar = Mean[x], ybar = Mean[y]},
Print[{xbar, ybar}];
ListPlot[Transpose[{x, y}],
Epilog -> {PointSize[Large], Red, Point[{xbar, ybar}]}]

And then use this so:

meanPlot[{5, 2, 9, 4}, {2, -1, 8, 2}]

The definition of meanPlot does minimal argument-checking (just that each argument is a list). And there are neater ways to combine the printout of the two means with the plot, e.g., use a Column construct or label the point of means with its coordinates.