ListLinePlot x-axis units label

If I want to label the xx-axis of a ListLinePlot , how do I do that?

There are two types of label:

a units label which would go to the right of the axis,

and then potentially you could have an

axis label below it.

What would be the way to enter both types of text?




ListLinePlot[RandomReal[1, 6], AxesLabel -> {“meter\ndistance”, “y”}] ?
– Szabolcs
Jan 16 ’14 at 17:09


2 Answers


Labeled is quite short solution:

Labeled[ListLinePlot[RandomReal[1, 6], AxesLabel -> {“x”, “y”}],
{“x label”, “y label”},
{Bottom, Left}, RotateLabel -> True]

Try this:

Rotate[Style[“Second label Y”, 16, Bold], 90 Degree],
ListLinePlot[RandomReal[1, 6],
AxesLabel -> {Style[“x”, 16, Italic], Style[“y”, 16, Italic]},
ImageSize -> 350],
Style[“Second label X”, 16, Bold]
}, Alignment -> Center]

You should obtain something of this sort: