Magnify in the cloud

I am having trouble getting Magnify to work in the cloud. When I generate two documents with

CloudDeploy[CreateDocument[ExpressionCell[“x”, “Output”]],”NormalX”];
CloudDeploy[CreateDocument[ExpressionCell[Magnify[“x”, 5], “Output”]],”MagnifiedX”];

their appearance in the cloud is identical, even though in the locally-generated notebooks the latter x is appropriately magnified relative to the former. How can I get Magnify to work in the cloud?



1 Answer


Magnify hasn’t been implemented yet in the cloud.

You can test this by going to Mathematica online and evaluating:

ExpressionCell[Magnify[“x”, 5], “Output”]

I’m not sure what kind of workaround to give. It’s important to understand why you want to have x be larger. Maybe creating an image would be a suitable workaround?



Is there a way to see this using something like CanonicalName@ EntityList[EntityClass[“WolframLanguageSymbol”, “CloudDevelopment”]]
– user5601
Mar 28 at 15:56



I don’t see anything in the documentation to suggest there is.
– Searke
Mar 28 at 16:06



Also, something like Magnify has multiple ways in which it works. It’s possible for it to be partially implemented. I’m sure there’s a ton of minor front end functionality, like Magnify, that incompletely implemented or works slightly differently.
– Searke
Mar 28 at 16:09