Mathematica flip the axes ticks (negative values) to other side

I have a plot as shown,

I want to change the axes ticks of the negative values as shown below,

I went through this post and with this answer, I am able to do only for Y-axis. Can someone please let me know how can I do this for both axes?.

Note: I also tried the comments from this answer for X-axis but that approach is not working.

If there is any other simple ways, please let me know.

Thanks in advance 🙂




Modified Mr. Wizard’s code slightly, here – seems to as you wish
– JasonB
Apr 15 at 9:58



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Apr 15 at 9:59



Thanks a lot @JasonB. I didn’t remove the ticks[[1]] in show function and that caused all the issues. Again thanks a lot. One more thing, If I do this, the font style between negative and positive ticks are different. Any idea how to fix that?
– Selva
Apr 15 at 10:06



Never mind… Got it by adding Style[xlabels, …] in the show function. Thanks
– Selva
Apr 15 at 11:37


2 Answers


So this isn’t as robust as I would like, but it works decently on many test cases. I wish there was a way of extracting the automatic tick placement so that you could just reverse it,

flipNegativeTicks[plot_] :=
Module[{ticks, xticks, yticks, xlabels, ylabels, xpos, ypos, range},
ticks = Ticks /. AbsoluteOptions[plot];
range = Charting`get2DPlotRange@plot;
{ypos, xpos} = Last /@ range/17;

{yticks, ylabels} =
Replace[ticks[[2]], {a_?Negative, b_, c_, x__} :> {a,
Sow@Text[b, {ypos, a}];, -c, x}, 1] // Reap;
{xticks, xlabels} =
Replace[ticks[[1]], {a_?Negative, b_, c_, x__} :> {a,
Sow@Text[b, {a, xpos}];, -c, x}, 1] // Reap;
Show[plot, Graphics[{xlabels, ylabels}], Ticks -> {xticks, yticks},
PlotRange -> Charting`get2DPlotRange@plot]

flipNegativeTicks@Plot[40 Sin[x/20], {x, -10, 70}]

flipNegativeTicks@Plot[Sinc[x/10000], {x, -50000, 70000}]

This is a motivating post. I’m sure others could do much better and I have not refined it (no time):

tf[n_?Positive] := Table[{j, j, {0.02, 0.02}}, {j, 1, n}]
tf[n_] := Table[{j, “”, {0.02, 0.02}}, {j, n, -1}]
txth[{l_, u_}, p_, col_] :=
Text[Style[#, col], {#, p}] & /@ Range[l, u]
txtv[{l_, u_}, p_, col_] :=
Text[Style[#, col], {p, #}] & /@ Range[l, u]
gl[{l_, u_}, s_] :=
Table[{j, {Gray, Thick}}, {j, l, u}]~Join~
Table[{j, LightGray}, {j, l, u, s}]
Plot[Sin[x], {x, -6, 6},
Ticks -> {tf[-6]~Join~tf[6], tf[-3]~Join~tf[3]},
Epilog -> {txth[{-6, -1}, p, Red]~Join~txtv[{-3, -1}, p, Red]},
GridLines -> {gl[{-6, 6}, 0.2], gl[{-4, 4}, 0.2]},
AspectRatio -> Automatic, PlotRange -> {-4, 4}], {p, 0.1, 0.5}]