Plot Markers for plot in Mathematica? [closed]

I want to have two plot with

PlotMarkers -> {{“\[FilledSquare]”}, {“\[FivePointedStar]”}}

I wrote this code:

a := Sin[x]
b := Cos[x]
Plot[{a, b}, {x, 0, 1},
PlotMarkers -> {{“\[FilledSquare]”}, {“\[FivePointedStar]”}}]

But I do not have output. Any suggestion?



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If you had spelled Plot correctly, Mathematica would have told you that PlotMarkers is not a valid option for Plot by highlighting it in red.

I suspect that what you really want is something like

data = Transpose @ Table[{{x, Sin[x]}, {x, Cos[x]}}, {x, Subdivide[N[2 π], 16]}];
ListPlot[data, PlotMarkers -> {“\[FilledSquare]”, “\FivePointedStar]”}]



If possible for you, I want connect “[FilledSquare]” with line,
– user37694
Mar 2 at 10:44



And I want to use arbitrary color for each function.
– user37694
Mar 2 at 10:54



@user37694 please read up on the documention of ListPlot and related. It is all there, lots of nice examples you can immediately work with.
– Yves Klett
Mar 2 at 11:38