Why does Show ignore the option Joined -> True [closed]

I have this code:

dplot, dplot555, dplot595, dplot625, dplot648, dplot682,
Frame -> True, ImageSize -> Large, FrameStyle -> Black,
LabelStyle -> {FontSize -> 14},
FrameLabel -> {
Style[“Frequency [Hz]”, 16, FontFamily -> “Latin Modern Roman”],
Style[“Power [dBm]”, 16, FontFamily -> “Latin Modern Roman”]}

and it works fine. But when I add at the end Joined->True it doesn’t work out!



1 Answer


Show applies any graphics option given to it to all the graphics given to it as arguments. But Joined -> True is not a graphics option, but a special option of certain types of plots; therefore, Show ignores it.

Here are two work-arounds.

SetOptions[ListPlot, Joined -> True];
Show[ListPlot[Range[10]], ListPlot[Range[10] – 1]]
SetOptions[ListPlot, Joined -> False];

Show[ListLinePlot[Range[10]], ListLinePlot[Range[10] – 1]]

This question could have been (and should have been) asked using a far simpler example such as

Show[ListPlot[Range[10]], Joined -> True]



Thank you! Of course! I just added ‘Joined -> True’ to the ListPlots that are displayed in ‘Show’
– mggiable
Jun 30 at 15:30